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This site is dedicated to the people and family members that were harmed by Cardington Yutaka Technologies (CYT), a division of Yutaka Technologies  (Yutaka Giken) flagrant inability to watch and enforce their own policy that prohibits inter-departmental dating, thus opening the doors for immoral relations between employees. Helping to lead to the companies destructive reputation.

Lets start by mentioning a few this about the company itself. Below you will find a brief description of the company and what it manufactures. We supply this information to make sure our website visitors understand which company we are discussing and there is no question whether it is the company they are thinking about or not.

Cardington Yutak Technologies

 Featured Image -- 1127 Location:
575 W Main St.
Cardington, OH, 43315
(419) 864-8777
Details: http://www.yutakatech.com/CYT%20home.htm
Cardington Yutaka Technologies (CYT) and its parent company, Honda Motor Co., possess a certain synergy; subsidiary CYT supplies its parent with automotive parts. The primary parts manufactured by the company include exhaust systems, torque converters, and catalytic converters. The subsidiary also manufactures an assortment of other parts for manufacturers of both automobiles and all-terrain vehicles. CYT operates a manufacturing plant in Ohio and works in tandem with sister US-based Honda parts manufacturer, Alabama Cullman Yutaka Technologies, LLC.

Enough about the company information.

Why Yutaka Technologies (Yutak Giken)?

You may be asking, why would someone start a site dedicated to Yutaka Technologies (Yutaka Giken) Its simple, I have watched over the last year as a friend of mine suffered serious loss in his life, loss that directly correlates with Cardington Yutaka Technologies (CYT) inability and unwillingness to follow their own policies.  Policies that they themselves seen fit to set forth at one time or another. Since they are the ones that set the policy, you would think they would be willing to follow the policy. I think, at one time or another, they wearied of following their policy or they could not control their employees and just gave up. now the employees are running a muck.

I have been to several other sites related to this topic and have been shocked by what I have read. It surprises me that a company ran the way Yutaka Technologies (Yutak Giken) is has even lasted this long. But its reputation continues to fall leaps and bounds everyday, and that doesn’t seem to bother the management of this company. i guess out of sight out of mind. I have created this site in an attempt to let the world know what kind of company these people are running, and hopefully it will draw media or government attention.  Here are a few links that will help you to divulge the reputation this company has gained in it’s community.

Links 1|2

The companies new position on this policy was uncovered in a conversation with Casey Pollock, who works within the Human Resources department of Cardington Yutaka Technologies, the companies Cardington location,  when he stated, “It happens so often we don’t really enforce that policy anymore.” So does this mean that if the employees were to miss an undesirable amount of work the company would no longer enforce thier attendance policy,  I doubt that.

I digress, This site was created after watching the devastation the actions of our first two inductees caused a good friend of mine,  that lives in Ohio,  where the Cardington plant is located. There is no better motivator than to know there is nothing you can do for someone due to distance. So if you are exposed by this website, please stop by and thank our first two inductees,  Ruthie Byers-Shepherd and Casey Taylor for cheating on their spouses and inadvertently creating this website.

Charles Shepherd this site is dedicated to you, love ya man!!!!! Told ya I would have your back.

Thank You


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